iMake CupCakes

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Great cupcake recipes with easy to follow instructions.
Includes a timer for when your cupcakes are ready to go in the oven.
The recipes are broken down into easy to follow steps.

√Select one of the many recipes from the list.
√Tap on the ingredients button to find out what you will need to make your cupcakes.
√Work your way down the recipe list.
√Tap on a step to get detailed instructions.

Some steps that require baking includes a oven timer. Just tap the clock on the right hand side of the step.

Using the timer;
√Tap the clock symbol.
√Tap Start to start the timer.
√Tap Stop to pause the timer.
√Tap Back to cancel and exit timer or stop the alarm.

When the timer is running, the minutes remaining will show how long you have left before it is time to take your cupcakes out of the oven.